C Change Surgical (#3435)

C Change Surgical develops, manufactures, and markets SurgiSLUSH™ programmable auto-freezers and protective containers. SurgiSLUSH™ is a modern, automated sterile slush system designed to cut costs, increase efficiency and improve clinical performance. Auto-produce. Auto-maintain. Auto-soft. Modern sterile slush delivers more for less.

We at C Change developed the fastest-growing sterile slush technology in the U.S. by working directly with clinical slush users and applying their feedback. A clinician-guided design delivers both clinical and economic advantages. Programs simply get more from a smart slush system designed with clinical users.

C Change Surgical’s mission is to protect patients, optimize sterile slush, free clinical teams with new efficiencies, and reduce direct costs. Advance. Optimize your sterile slush AND save big.


12/15/20 – 12/14/23


“SurgiSLUSH” Sterile Surgical Slush Systems & Accessories

Price Protection:

Not to Exceed 5% Per Year

Shipping Terms:

FOB Destination, Freight Prepaid on Sterile Containers – Freezers Shipped at $500 Per Unit

Payment Terms:

NET 21 Days

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