Enova Illumination, Inc. (#3215)

Enova Illumination is the leading manufacturer of premium cordless LED surgical headlights. Started in 2005 and based in Minnesota, Enova was the first company to introduce an LED surgical headlight into the healthcare market and has been innovating and mastering LED illumination for over 14 years. Widely used by the US military, Enova is known as the most powerful, brightest, durable and dependable surgical gheadlight in the world. In 2018 Enova added micro-cameras and quality loupes to their line of products. Enova is focused on improving healthcare and medical outcomes throughout the world by providing medical devices that help doctors see better so they can perform better.


7/26/19 – 7/25/22


LED Surgical Headlights, HD Cameras, and Surgical Loupes

Price Protection:

Not to Exceed 5% Per Year

Shipping Terms:

FOB Destination; Freight Prepaid

Payment Terms:

2% 10 Days, 1% 11-30 Days, Net 31 Days

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