Dukal Corporation (#2313)

A privately owned and operated company founded by Gerry LoDuca in 1991, DUKAL supplies a broad range of best in class medical disposable products and patient care items for all medical markets. Products are produced through strategic marketing partnerships with a focus on excellence. However, it is the company’s unparalleled customer service that enables DUKAL to stay ahead of the competition. By offering our customers a variety of ways to streamline costs and improve efficiencies, DUKAL has garnered an impressive list of long term partnerships. DUKAL continues to thrive by fulfilling its founder’s vision, “to build a global company focused on the best practices in manufacturing and logistics.”


7/1/11 – 9/30/24


Antiseptics & Towelettes, Swabsticks, Wipes, Washcloths & Underpads, Gauze Sponges, Dressings, Bandages, Tapes, Advanced Wound Care, Personal Protection

Pricing Terms:

Per Magnet Net Dealer Cost Pricing. Special Pricing available to Self- Distributing IDNS & Systems.

Price Protection:

Prices firm for one year (cost increases tied to raw materials cost increases)

Shipping Terms:

Dealer terms apply

Payment Terms:

Dealer terms apply

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