Twilight Medical, Inc. (#4150)

Twilight Medical provides cybersecurity services to help healthcare organizations combat unprecedented cybersecurity threats. As a leading provider of cyber security solutions, we have extensive experience transforming organizations of all sizes to manage cyber threats and evolving regulatory requirements, to identify issues before they become major problems. We are committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing.

Our Philosophy on Cyber Security
Cyber risk continues to escalate, and healthcare organizations remain in the crosshairs of attackers.  Large and small healthcare organizations are susceptible to the same advanced cyber criminals and their tactics; cyber criminals don’t discriminate.  With evolving regulations, new technology, and countless security products, it can be overwhelming to know what to do first and determine whether what you are doing is actually working.

Many large health systems have the resources (capital and people) including a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to develop strategies, provide oversight, and identify things before they become a problem.

So what are smaller organizations to do when they must defend against the same cyber criminals that are attacking large organizations?  Smaller facilities typically have limited budgets and typically do not have the expertise to develop and implement a cybersecurity strategy in-house.  Oftentimes, cyber is handed off to IT or another role within the organization.

Twilight Medical offers Advisory and Managed Services to help healthcare providers improve their cybersecurity posture by conducting assessments, providing recommendations, and providing ongoing support to execute their strategy.

Our Services
At Twilight Medical, we help our clients in a variety of areas within security, whether it is defining strategy and roadmap, implementation services, or managed services. This helps our clients make informed decisions that align with the business priorities and cyber risk strategy.  Key Areas Include:

  • Assessment, Analysis, and Mitigation – We help evaluate the processes and tools currently used to manage cyber risk.
  • Strategy – We build strategic, prioritized plans that outline how security initiatives can support your business goals and guide you from the current state to the goal state.
  • Implementation – We focus on defining and configuring processes and tools to meet your specific needs; balancing requirements ranging from regulatory to operational efficiency to user experience.
  • Operations – We help maintain your cyber program.  We can work either as your primary support team or augment your existing team or managed IT service provider.


12/1/23 – 11/30/26


Cyber Security Solutions

Price Protection:

None; Max Inc. not to exceed 1.5% thru Dec. 2025 and 1.6% thru Nov. 2026

Shipping Terms:


Payment Terms:

NET 30; NET 10-10% Discount; NET 11 to 30 5% Discount

Contract Note:

Due to Nature of Services, Company Form Must be Signed

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