Magnacoustics, Inc. (#3905)

Magnetically inert and safe for ALL MRIs since 1989, Magnacoustics™ has been delivering the soothing sound of music to MRI, easing patient claustrophobia, enhancing site safety, offering patient hearing protection, and increasing the efficiency of operations.

Our music systems and our patented MagnaCoil™ noise-attenuating headsets safely deliver clear music and sound directly into the patients’ ear canals while protecting their hearing from the potentially damaging noise of the scanner. Use it as a simple music system or unlock its many features and benefits.

We have pioneered technology in the MRI industry, and we continue to do so today with the exciting release of our newest MRI music and communication system, the Phoenix™. Aptly named, the Phoenix™ marks the rebirth of the Magnacoustics name in a sleeker, stronger, and modern new way. For more information contact Magnacoustics at


11/15/2022 – 11/14/2025


Music & Communication Devices for MRI Machines

Price Protection:

Prices Firm Thru 11/14/2023,
Agreement Balance Not to Exceed 5%/Agreement Year

Shipping Terms:

FOB Destination; Freight Prepaid

Payment Terms:

NET 30 Days

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