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RDS Systems prevent the spread of infections by terminating pathogens including C-diff Spores in only 30 Seconds. The RDS simplifies the infection prevention protocol to a one-step process by providing a certified, repeatable high-level standard of decontamination for sensitive Electronics, Patient-Use Tools, Personal Effects and Patient Supplies. What was once tagged as patient supply waste due to the potential for cross-contamination, may now be instantly decontaminated and returned to stock. RDS systems provide a solution for cost-containment and a dollar-for-dollar savings on the repurposing of non-critical patient tools and unused and unopened patient supplies. RDS systems reduce supply costs, cut medical waste fees, increase hand sanitation compliance, improve patient outcomes and advance employee health, at an operating cost less than the cost of a sanitation wipe.


8/1/18 – 7/31/21


UV-C Disinfection Systems

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