Healthysole, LLC (#3515)

HealthySole manufactures and sells the HealtbySole® PLUS UVC shoe sole disinfection device, the first product of its kind to apply the power of UVC to infection and contamination prevention by reducing the pathogen load on footwear, and in turn, in patient rooms, throughout the care facility and in any pathogen-sensitive environments.

In just 8-seconds, the HealthySole Plus has been clinically proven to kill to 99.99% of the potentially infectious pathogens on shoe soles, reducing ambient pathogen load, halting the movement of potentially infectious/contaminating agents from room-to-room and helping minimize the likelihood of unintentional tracking of infectious agents into sensitive patient and non-patient care areas. Our customers also tell us that frontline workers find peace of mind knowing that they can stand on the HealthySole when leaving work and not putting their families and loved ones at risk from pathogens from work.


2/1/21 – 1/31/23


“Healthysole Plus” – UVC-Enabled Shoe Sole Disinfection

Price Protection:

Not to Exceed 3% per Agreement Year

Shipping Terms:

FOB Factory;  Freight Prepaid

Payment Terms:

2% 10 Days,  NET 30 Days

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