Colorado Therapeutics (#3165)

COLORADO THERAPEUTICS brings a fresh perspective to soft tissue repair.  Our crosslinked xenograft tissues are ultra-strong, thin and pliable without the toxicity of historical crosslinked products. In fact, our cell-friendly XI-S+® tissue is readily integrated into the host, with rapid angiogenesis and provides superior strength to competitive products. Our dry-tissue technology is ready to use, with no hydration required.  

COLORADO THERAPEUTICS is proud to offer competitively-priced products that offer the advantages of biologics with the strength and durability of synthetics. 

COLORADO THERAPEUTICS is born out of cutting-edge cardiac technology that has been in development since 2002. Crosslinked tissues developed for heart valves were found to remodel into host tissue, creating new possibilities for soft tissue repair and reinforcement. In 2015, COLORADO THERAPEUTICS was formed, and a team of surgeons and scientists continued the development process, yielding a dry-ready to use tissue matrix that out-performs leading soft tissue products.


5/1/19 – 4/30/22


Soft Tissue Repair Products (i.e. surgical mesh)

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